Thermal Imaging Building Inspections

Thermal Imaging Building Inspections

Timber Pest inspections or termite inspections are our greatest concern as termites are very difficult to locate. We can go to one house and find them within minutes of inspecting the sub floor and others it make take hours. What makes it more difficult is that some homes have no access under them due to being built close to the ground. We are also not able to break open timbers that may be hollow and suspected to contain termites without the permission of the owner.

As per Australian Standard 4349.3 – 2010 – A Timber Pest Inspection basically involves the building inspector trying to find live termites or past termite damage, borer damage, structural damage caused by termites, timber fungal decay and conducive conditions that exist that need to be removed to avoid a termite infestation.

Thermal Imaging Camera Inspections

The use of a thermal camera when conducting building inspections can be very helpful in identifying leaks.

If you order a thermal imaging inspection or thermal pest inspection, our reliable inspectors will use a thermal camera to locate larger termite sub nests in a wall cavity or ceiling. The thermal camera can help detect current leaks from showers or the roof that are not visible to the naked eye. It catches issues with moisture by detecting cool spots hidden behind walls and cabinets and under the floors. This home thermal imaging tool will allow you to see it all.

Moreover, we can gather all the important information about your building, including the insulation conditions, moisture ingress, mould development, electrical faults, the presence of thermal bridges, and the conditions of HVAC systems.

With our thermal imaging house inspections, you will have extra insight into the current condition of your home and receive a more thorough report. You will better understand the home you are buying and know how to maintain it.

Building Diagnostics Inspections

We use a thermal camera during our house inspections in Melbourne when we deem it necessary or if ordered by you. We use a thermal imaging camera to:
  • visualise energy losses;
  • detect missing or defective insulation;
  • detect badly insulated areas;
  • detect leaks in water pipes;
  • source air leaks;
  • source moisture in the insulation, in roofs, and walls (internal);
  • locate thermal bridges;
  • locate water infiltration in flat roofs;
  • monitor the drying of buildings; and
  • find faults in supply lines and district heating.

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