Pest Inspections

Pest Inspections

Timber Pest inspections or termite inspections are our greatest concern as termites are very difficult to locate. We can go to one house and find them within minutes of inspecting the sub floor and others it make take hours. What makes it more difficult is that some homes have no access under them due to being built close to the ground. We are also not able to break open timbers that may be hollow and suspected to contain termites without the permission of the owner.

As per Australian Standard 4349.3 – 2010 – A Timber Pest Inspection basically involves the building inspector trying to find live termites or past termite damage, borer damage, structural damage caused by termites, timber fungal decay and conducive conditions that exist that need to be removed to avoid a termite infestation.


Termites are quite hard to find as they are not like your typical house ants, they stay out of light and build mud tunnels to get to your timber or in the case of a home constructed on timber stumps termites will eat up the middle of the stump and not even be visible.

Equipment used

Timber testing or tapping is required to find hollowness in timbers in and around the home, moisture readings are taken on walls as termites emit moisture if they are inside a wall cavity and additionally, thermal imaging cameras can be used to locate termites due to heat released from large nests in walls or ceilings. Safehome Inspections also uses a termatrac radar meter that can actually detect termites moving behind a wall.


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