Pricing plan

Building Inspections Cost

Building Inspection OnlyPest Inspection OnlyBuilding & Pest Inspection
1-2 Bedroom – $495
3-4 Bedroom – $595
5 Bedroom – $695
Fees as per Building inspection on left.
1-2 Bedroom – $595
3-4 Bedroom – $695
5 Bedroom – $795
6 Bedroom – $895
80 page inspection Report (Approx).60 Page Inspection report (Approx) 100 plus page inspection report (approx)
1-3 hour inspection 1-3 hour inspection 1-3 hour inspection
Major Defects Live Termites Major Defects & Live Termites
Minor Defects Old Termite Damage Minor Defects & Old Termite Damage
Maintenance Defects Borer & Maintenance DefectsMaintenance Defects
Safety Hazards – unsafe conditions for example,
insulation over down lights that is a fire hazard.
Timber Fungal Decay (Rot) Safety Hazards & Timber Fungal Decay
The Location of the Building Defects Termite Recommendations Location of Defects & Termite Recommendations
How to Rectify the Building Defects Favourable conditions for termites that you need to remove How to Rectify the defects of have assessed
Labelled Color Photographs Labelled Color Photographs labelled Color Photographs


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