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Safehome Inspections in Melbourne has been carrying out pre-purchase inspections for 14 years and assisted thousands of clients before purchasing a home and the above client is just one of many happy clients.

In a highly litigious industry such as house inspections we are proud that we have never had any litigation and in 14 years that’s amazing.

To avoid any problems, the building inspector needs to inform the client of exactly what we do, what we are required to do and what we don’t do.  This small thing alleviates any confusion.  We also have our clients read and agree to (hopefully) the terms and conditions of the inspections as per the relevant Australian Standard.

The Australian Standards tells us we have to show you our terms and you have to read and agree to them.  In 14 years we have never had any issues with the terms as they basically say we don’t inspect or report on areas we can’t get to and there may be defects in those areas….common sense I would have thought.

The areas where Inspectors come unstuck is where they do not inform the client of exactly what they do and therefore some clients may have an unrealistic view of what is done. Clients may believe the building inspector checks all the wiring and power points, but they don’t. Only a licensed electrician can inspect these.

By explaining exactly what is done and providing a sample report to our clients it reduces any confusion and potential arguments.  We’re lovers, not fighters, we do everything right.

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