Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre Purchase House Inspections Melbourne

What are these?

Pre-Purchase house inspections are aimed at locating every visible major and minor defect at the home and putting it into a report telling you what the defect is, where the defect is and what needs to be done to rectify.  Photographs of major defects and most minor defects are included in this house inspection report.  Our reports are quite daunting, being about 60-120 pages depending on what we come across.  It is important to discuss issues with us once you have read the report as one has to remember that most old homes have issues.

What's checked?

The House - roof rust, cracked roof tiles, roof leaks, dislodged roof tiles, deteriorated roof tiles, sagging roof line, chimney, flashings, parapet walls, flues, gutter fall, gutter debris, gutter ponding, gutter rust, fascia rot, fascia paint deterioration, fascia unevenness, eaves leaking, eave rot, eaves detached or damaged, down pipe rust, down pipes not connected, down pipes blocked, cracked windows, rotten windows, wall cracks, mortar deterioration, timber rot, bowing walls, rising damp, plumbing leaks and rust, heating ducts detached, rusted heating and cooling, leaks from showers, rising damp inside, uneven floors, footings issues etc etc.

The Yard - All sheds, garages, pergolas, decks, balconies and retaining walls are checked. Surface drainage is checked. Paths, fences, driveways and trees are checked.


A qualified Building Inspector is one who has completed a Degree or a Diploma in Building Surveying which I have.

In Melbourne, you can have your potential home checked by a qualified Building inspector who has been trained to locate defects caused by builders and tradespersons that do not comply with todays standards and regulations and who has 12 years experience OR you can have it inspected by someone with no qualifications at all.

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