Handover Inspections Melbourne

Handover Inspections

Handover inspections are complicated inspections, far more complicated that a pre-purchase building inspection because they are more technical.  We need t look closely at the new home for paint defects, floor levels, uneven walls, door tops painted, grout width consistency, tiles mortar, wall plumbs, roof overhang into gutters, flashings etc etc. After a handover inspection, you can confidently approach your builder with a detailed building inspection report report containing defects with photographs that is cross referenced with the Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2015 and the National Construction Code.

Safehome Building Inspections Melbourne can assist you identify building defects which the builder is required to rectify.  Being qualified building inspectors Safehome is able to carry out independent mandatory stage inspections including footings, steel reinforcement, the frame and the final defects inspections.  The final inspection is commonly referred to as a Handover Building Inspection and is based on the recent Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2015.

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