Building Inspections Melbourne

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A Building Inspector in Melbourne with great communication

If you have read the reviews about my service you will know how high I regard my customers and the great service i provide them.

Once you have completed the booking form form on this website we organise everything with the agent.

We send you a text t let you know what time we have requested. We then send you another one once the agent confirms a time.

Depending on the size and condition of the dwelling we are looking at, this building inspection service provides you with a 60 to 100 page report detailing Major Defects, Safety Hazards and Minor maintenance Defects.

The report includes color photographs of major defects that are labelled with arrows to help you understand.

Please Send me a text on 0409495949 and I’ll send you a link to view a Sample Report – that way there is no confusion as to what you are getting for your money.

Once we have finished the building inspection report and emailed to to you we send you another text to let you know your report has been emailed.

We then stay up to 10 pm to answer your questions.

To have a more detailed picture of what we look at and what these inspections are about, you can check our pre-purchase building inspections page.

Safehome Inspections Melbourne offers a number of different house inspection services. We are able to assist people buying homes, selling homes or home owners who just want their homes assessed for any potential and costly problems.

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After the building inspection

We are up to 10 p.m. to help you – We strongly believe you must talk with our building inspectors once you have the read the report, as the very nature of this industry dictates that nearly every conceivable defect must be included in the house inspection reports. To a novice, reading the inspection reports can be extremely daunting and we need to put our findings into perspective. A lot of older homes will have maintenance type defects if the home has not been well maintained, but in our opinion, although you need to know about them, they should not be the reason for not purchasing a solidly built home with the main structural components in good order.

The major defects and structural issues are the defects that will normally be expensive to rectify. Defects like Rising Damp, re-stumping, underpinning, balcony issues, tree roots causing footings problems, roof cladding deterioration, drainage problems and termite damage are defects that Safehome Inspections Melbourne believes are important in locating and assessing and are also good reason to re-evaluate your decision to purchase.

We have over 1000 defects we need to tick off before we complete the inspection, some minor and some major and if you have any questions or specific items you need checking, just call Peter at Safehome Inspections and he can explain everything to you in layman’s terms.