Building Inspections are a Must

Since 2004, Safehome Building Inspections have been conducting  pre-purchase building inspections around Melbourne, assisting over 10,000 home buyers.

The photographs above was taken during a building inspection in Melbourne and shows a floor frame bearer join. This join should be made directly over the stump footing and is non compliant with Australian Standards 1684.2 – 2006 of the Residential timber framed construction.

The result of this defect is excess bounce in floor of the home as there is no support underneath one end of the bearer.  The bearer on the right is fine but not the one on the left. 

A thorough building inspection should be carried out on any home before you purchase including a home that is 2 years old like the one above.   It is imperative that the sub floor of any home be inspected as this is an area where no one really enters and has a good look around.  

Other common issues found under a home  during our building inspections are leaks from shower areas, termite damage, dampness in the sub floor and timber debris lying around which attracts termites. 

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