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The photograph depicts some poor stumping works with excessive packing between the bearer and the stump footings.  You can also see the bow on the timber bearer running across the top of the stumps.

Stump packing between the bearer and the stump should be limited to 20-30 mm and a non-compressible material used.

This is technically a major defect with bounce and unevenness evident in the internal flooring.  This home would need to be re-stumped again to comply with current standards of +/- 15 mm deviation in floor levels.

The sub floor of a home is the most important area that a building inspector needs to gain access to for a number of reasons.

  1. Rarely inspected unless something goes wrong.
  2. Footings issues.
  3. Damp issues.
  4. Termites come from the ground and enter from the sub floor. 
  5. Leaking showers can be checked which won’t be detected from inside.
  6. Timber debris in the sub floor should be removed.
  7. Borer damage to floor frame.
  8. Timber rot to floor and floor frame. 

Unfortunately some homes we inspect are too low to the ground to be able to adequately carry out a thorough inspection and in this case the floorboards would require removal to inspect.

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