Latest Tools and Equipment for Building Inspection

Safehome Building Inspections has been around since 2004 which is a long time in the house inspection industry. Tools and equipment to assist in locating defects have advanced over this time. Because of this, as qualified building inspectors in Melbourne, have to keep up with the changes.

Many people ask what equipment do we use to assist us in locating defects.  In regard to the equipment, we are supposed to use as per the Australian Standards, there is nothing stated.  It does state in sections that we only require a 3.6 m ladder. 

Pest inspections is entirely different.  A moisture meter is one requirement.

There is nothing within the standards that state we have to use a a termatrac radar meter or a thermal imaging camera during the house inspections.  This equipment is quite expensive and we have both of the above and find them very helpful in identifying defects.  As the Australian Standard states a building inspection is only a visual inspection.  This means that we can not remove floors and walls to check for defects.  They are a visual inspection only which is common sense.  Would you let a building inspector come into your house that you are selling and pull things apart?

Having additional tools to assist in locating hidden defects is essential and if available on the market they should be utilised to make sure the building inspector is doing everything possible to locate defects.

Testo 865 Thermal Imaging Camera

We use a Testo 865 Thermal Imaging Camera during our house inspections around Melbourne and this is particularly good at locating leaks in roofs and bathrooms that can not be seen.  The photograph above shows a bathroom leak upstairs coming through to the ground level ceiling.  This was not visible.  It is also able to locate larger termite nests within a wall due to the heat emitted by termites.

Termatrac T3i

We also use the Termatrac T3i which is radar that can detect termite movement behind walls. It is placed against a wall and termites passing by is indicated on the ipad screen. See photo below.


Obviously this is only used when we find something suspicious like excess moisture readings or hollowness in timbers.  If we were to use this on every bit of wall in a standard three bedroom home we would need the entire day to do it. 

Having all the available equipment to make your house inspection as thorough as possible is essential and a must for any building inspector who takes pride in assisting the client above and beyond.  There is no better feeling that walking away from a house inspection and thinking “I did everything possible to locate defects at the house for my client”

If you are in need of assistance, do not hesitate to contact your building inspection team in Melbourne. We will get back to you as soon as possible