Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre Purchase House Inspections Melbourne


We have been in operation since 2004.  

We are qualified building inspectors (Diploma of Building Surveying.  

We have Professional Building an Pest Inspection Indemnity insurance which we have never had a claim on.

We are members of the master Builders Association of Victoria.  

We are Members of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors. 

We won the 2015 Investors Choice Award for Building Inspections Melbourne.

We won the 2015  APAC Best Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne award.

Four of Melbourne's largest Buyers Advocate firms use our service of investors.

Melbourne's leading banks use our service.

We have conducted over 9000 building and pest inspections.


A qualified Building Inspector is one who has completed a Degree or a Diploma in Building Surveying which we have.

In Melbourne, you can have your potential home checked by a qualified Building inspector who has been trained to locate defects caused by builders and tradespersons that do not comply with todays standards and regulations and who has 12 years experience OR you can have it inspected by someone with no qualifications at all.

We conduct a comprehensive service in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1 and 4349.3. Our qualified building inspectors assess all visible building elements from the top of the home to the sub floor.

This includes potential defects in footings, foundations, drainage, floor frame, roof frame, walls and roof cladding. Furthermore, we’ll check for any visible water damage, rising damp leaks, drainage issues, timber rot, rust, electrical safety issues and poor workmanship issues. We also check outbuildings including garages, carports, pergolas, decks, balconies, bungalows and sheds.