Building Inspection Review Awards

Safehome Building Inspections in Melbourne has again won the 2015 IPAC Insider Business Award – For “Best for Pre-Purchase Building Inspections – Melbourne.

Safehome have been assisting home buyers and owners identify home defects since 2004 and their attention to detail,comprehensive building inspection reports which are emailed on the same day and availability to assist clients to late in the night has been recognised by home buyers in Melbourne.

Peter is a qualified building inspector having completed a Diploma of Building Surveying and has an extensive knowledge of building defects and the Building Regulations.  Safehome’s customer service goes above and beyond where they stay up to 11 p.m. assisting clients with enquiries.  This is something rarely observed in the Building Inspection industry or any industry for that matter.  

Building Inspection Equipment

Building Inspection Equipment

Safehome Building Inspections has been around since 2004 which is a long time in the house inspection industry. Over this time tools and equipment to assist in locating defects has advanced and we, as qualified building inspectors in Melbourne, have to keep up with the changes.

Many people ask what equipment we use to assist us in locating defects.  In regard to the equipment we are supposed to use as per the Australian Standards, there is nothing stated.  It does state in sections that we only require a 3.6 m ladder.  

Pest inspections is entirely different.  A moisture meter is one requirement.

There is nothing within the standards that state we have to use a a termatrac radar meter or a thermal imaging camera during the house inspections.  This equipment is quite expensive and we have both of the above and find them very helpful in identifying defects.  As the Australian Standard states a building inspection is only a visual inspection.  This means that we can not remove floors and walls to check for defects.  They are a visual inspection only which is common sense.  Would you let a building inspector come into your house that you are selling and pull things apart?

Having additional tools to assist in locating hidden defects is essential and if available on the market they should be utilised to make sure the building inspector is doing everything possible to locate defects.

We use a Testo 865 Thermal Imaging Camera during our house inspections around Melbourne and this is particularly good at locating leaks in roofs and bathrooms that can not be seen.  The photograph above shows a bathroom leak upstairs coming through to the ground level ceiling.  This was not visible.  It is also able to locate larger termite nests within a wall due to the heat emitted by termites.

We also use the Termatrac T3i which is radar that can detect termite movement behind walls. It is placed against a wall and termites passing by is indicated on the ipad screen. See photo below.


Obviously this is only used when we find something suspicious like excess moisture readings or hollowness in timbers.  If we were to use this on every bit of wall in a standard three bedroom home we would need the entire day to do it. 

Having all the available equipment to make your house inspection as thorough as possible is essential and a must for any building inspector who takes pride in assisting the client above and beyond.  There is no better feeling that walking away from a house inspection and thinking “I did everything possible to locate defects at the house for my client”

If you would like us to assist you please go to the Booking page and we will get back to you as soon as possible 

Building Inspections are a Must

Building Inspections are a Must

Since 2004, Safehome Building Inspections have been conducting  pre-purchase building inspections around Melbourne, assisting over 10,000 home buyers.

The photographs above was taken during a building inspection in Melbourne and shows a floor frame bearer join. This join should be made directly over the stump footing and is non compliant with Australian Standards 1684.2 – 2006 of the Residential timber framed construction.

The result of this defect is excess bounce in floor of the home as there is no support underneath one end of the bearer.  The bearer on the right is fine but not the one on the left. 

A thorough building inspection should be carried out on any home before you purchase including a home that is 2 years old like the one above.   It is imperative that the sub floor of any home be inspected as this is an area where no one really enters and has a good look around.  

Other common issues found under a home  during our building inspections are leaks from shower areas, termite damage, dampness in the sub floor and timber debris lying around which attracts termites. 

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to give us a call.




Building Inspections Melbourne

Building Inspections Melbourne

Safehome Building Inspections conduct exhaustive & detailed building inspections Melbourne wide, assisting home buyers and home owners identify building defects.

The photograph depicts some poor stumping works with excessive packing between the bearer and the stump footings.  You can also see the bow on the timber bearer running across the top of the stumps.

Stump packing between the bearer and the stump should be limited to 20-30 mm and a non-compressible material used.

This is technically a major defect with bounce and unevenness evident in the internal flooring.  This home would need to be re-stumped again to comply with current standards of +/- 15 mm deviation in floor levels.

The sub floor of a home is the most important area that a building inspector needs to gain access to for a number of reasons.

  1. Rarely inspected unless something goes wrong.
  2. Footings issues.
  3. Damp issues.
  4. Termites come from the ground and enter from the sub floor. 
  5. Leaking showers can be checked which won’t be detected from inside.
  6. Timber debris in the sub floor should be removed.
  7. Borer damage to floor frame.
  8. Timber rot to floor and floor frame. 

Unfortunately some homes we inspect are too low to the ground to be able to adequately carry out a thorough inspection and in this case the floorboards would require removal to inspect.

Feel free Contact Safehome Building Inspections Melbourne if you have any questions and we will be sure to assist.

Building Inspections Albert park

Building Inspections Albert park

Melbourne conduct exhaustive and independent inspections on properties with over 1000 defects to be crossed off before completing the inspection.

The photo to the left shows some missing tiles on a roof during a recent building and pest inspection in Albert Park. This is considered a major defect due to the potential damage that can be caused due to leaking into the roof space, roof frame and eave linings.

This is relatively easy to rectify by installing a tile but if damage has been caused to roof framing then the rectification costs can increase.

The importance of engaging a qualified and experienced building inspector is paramount before purchasing a property so that you are well aware of defects and the costs to rectify these defects.

Anyone can carryout pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Melbourne without any qualifications at all. Peter is a qualified building inspector as per the Building Act having completed a Diploma of Building Surveying. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact Peter for advice.

Building Inspection Coburg

Building Inspection Coburg

Safehome’s qualified building inspectors conduct independent building and pest Inspections in Coburg and Melbourne to assist home buys to make the right decision before buying a home.

The adjacent photograph was taken by our qualified building inspector during a recent building inspection in Coburg and depicts damp damage sustained to the lower laundry wall.  This is commonly seen due to washing machine tap leaks and is considered a maintenance defect but the issue is whether or not further damage has been caused to the wall framing or floor framing.

Once the wall lining is removed there is a strong likelihood that further damage exists.  In this case at Coburg there was minor damp damage tot he floor boards but the frame was OK.

A building inspection carried out by a qualified building inspector will be able to locate and report to these defects.

Building Inspection Review – Investors Choice Awards

Building Inspection Review – Investors Choice Awards

Safehome Building Inspections in Melbourne  was pleased to be awarded runner up in the Investors Choice Awards 2015 – Highly recommended company for Building Inspections in Victoria. Safehome Building Inspections  in Melbourne is very proud that we only emailed 20 past clients from inspection jobs in July 2015 to nominate us for the award.  They were contacted by Investors Choice Awards and interviewed over the phone.

We remain very committed to helping our clients who go through stressful times when buying a home.  It is essential that buyers know if there are any problems at a home before they buy as once they have bought, it’s too late to go back.